Underwater Search

Specialist Group International has the only private underwater
forensic search team which is approved for police operations in the UK.

Underwater evidence and body recovery

Formed in 1999, our team has carried out a huge number of successful operations for evidence and body recovery.

Specially trained in advanced search and recovery techniques, our skilled and experienced diving team is adept at managing crime scenes and equipment, locating evidence and human remains that has gone undetected for many years. Specialist Group International carry out underwater search and recovery for the following police forces; Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Thames Valley.


The Specialist Group International dive team provides an immediate underwater rescue and recovery capability 24/7 to the fire & rescue services and the police. We specialise in rescuing people trapped in water. We also locate and rescue survivors in submerged vehicles, upturned boats and other underwater locations.


Specialist Group International was the first organisation in the UK to use side scan sonar for underwater forensic search. This came about after our founder Peter Faulding spent time in the USA in 1999 to research the user of side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for searching large areas of deep water and ground-penetrating radar for searching for buried human remains.

With substantial investment and three years of intense trials we were able to blaze a trail for the use of this specialist equipment and techniques for underwater forensic search. Peter’s expertise was called on extensively by the then National Crime and Operations Faculty advisers at the Bramshill Police College for missing person and ‘no body’ murder cases.


The team has a fleet of boats equipped with the latest technology and specialist search equipment such as side scan sonar, remote-operated vehicles and magnetometers at its disposal.

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You can contact Specialist Group International’s 24/7 control room at any time: 01306 889969 (please note all calls are recorded)